Absinthe Mead Base 2013 - 50cl

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This absinthe is also available as RUEVERTE Explore tube - Mead Base.

Mead Base is a special absinthe, that is very uncommon in the wide ranges of absinthes around today. Instead of the usual grain alcohol, Mead Base is distilled from honey wine (mead) that was aged for three years. All six herbs used to distill this deliciously sweet absinthe are cultivated in the Zufanek's garden and on their land. In fact, almost all ingredients the distiller family uses to produce their spirits, is grown, cultivated and harvested by the family.

The result of distilling an absinthe on the base of mead is a gentle and herbal spirit, with a lovely aroma of honey. Compared to the other Zufanek absinthes, Mead Base contains less anise and fennel in order to maintain the distinct, sweet aroma of honey, and to not overpower it. This means the Mead Base shows a quite thin louche, and probably ideal for absinthe fans who don't like the taste of heavy anise. Only 110l of this rare speciality are made each year - so if you're curious, don't miss out on the opportunity to get hold of a bottle!
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  • Capacity
  • Distillery
  • Country of Origin
    Czech Republic
  • Alcohol Content
    68% vol
  • Color
  • Coloration

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    1,2 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
    Czech Republic
  • Alcohol Content :
    68% vol
  • Color :
  • Coloration :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Zufanek, Boršice u Blatnice 57, 687 63 Boršice u Blatnice, CZ
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Borsice u Blatnice
  • Anise taste :
  • Stopper :
    Natural cork

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By Utterly remarkable

Added on the : 19/11/2014 English

One of the most interesting, as well as delicious, absinthes I have ever tasted. Beautifully crafted with classic herbal flavors, but with a unique floral element that quite obviously comes from the mead/honey. Not a lush absinthe, but still flavorful and satisfying, it has marvelous complexity and balance. I bought a 50ml bottle to try and it is now 2/3 gone. Fortunately I bought 2 more after my initial sample so I have the satisfaction of knowing I will get to enjoy this for months to come. Well worth the price and definitely a top-tier and unique absinthe. There is truly nothing quite like it. Brilliantly done.

By Sbmac

Added on the : 28/02/2014 English

This is a truly delicious absinthe. The mead base is rich and elegant. I'm impressed that the honey comes from the distiller's own bees, as well. It is rich with complex flavors, has a textured, building finish, and is sophisticated and very well-crafted.

By dixiewitch

Added on the : 09/01/2014 English

A complexly bitter wormwood opening note the finishes in a mellow, warm honey flavor. Wormwood and woody flavors are prominent over fennel/anise. Nice with honey and water instead of sugar.

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