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Absinthe Mead Base 2016 - 50cl

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The newest batch of absinthe made from mead. Honey absinthe, so to speak.    Read the whole description

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Mead Base Absinthe is a unique creation from Martin Zufanek, made using alcohol distilled from mead, which is fermented from honey cultivated by the Zufanek family themselves (or rather, from their bees).

The base mead-spirit used to make this absinthe has been aged for 3 years. This delicious honey-base provides the a sweet-scented foundation for an otherwise classic absinthe with complex herbal aromas.

Martin Zufanek distills Mead Base only very rarely, and in small quantities. The absinthe world has been waiting 3 years for this new version.

Almost all the herbs used to make Mead Base are grown by the Zufanek family on their organic farm.

Colour: Wonderful dark and rich golden green.

Aroma: Sweet with a deep honey aroma.

Louche: Mead base clouds slowly, but satisfyingly, leaving a lovely golden tone. The louche is not ultra-thick because of the relatively low anise content.

Taste: Honey and wormwood are the focus here, and an alcohol taste, however not in a bad way.

Finish: Not at all cloying, Mead Base has a finish that leaves you wanting more.

Conclusion: Martin has managed to resist the temptation of letting the honey become one sided. Mead Base manages to stay balanced and delicious, and does not become boring, it is definitely an absinthe you would want to come back to again and again.

Zufanek, Czech Republic

The Zufanek Distillery was founded in 2000. At first, the family focused on the production of honey and fruit based liqueurs. In 2008, Martin started to distill absinthe and the St. Antoine was the first one of this distillery. Shortly after the launch of St. Antoine, Martin created La Grenouille, and absinthe Mead Base.

What's special about this distillery is that all fruit used for the production of their spirits are cultivated on their own orchards. Most of the herbs used for the absinthes are also grown by the Zufanek family themselves. This is why it's not surprising that the distillery received an organic certificate. Their mission is: 100% natural products.

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By Tom

Added on the : 28/02/2017

As always good communication and shipping. Looking forward to trying but haven't done so yet.

By evodius

Added on the : 14/02/2017

Very creamy and not overpowering. No sugar required.

By Polly

Added on the : 02/02/2017

A lovely addition to my collection - was looking for a sweeter selection not so heavy on the anise ... very light and pleasant, I enjoy with extra water in a longer drink with ice

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