Absinthe Neuzeller Viridis Auxilium - 50cl

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Neuzeller Viridis Auxilum is the most classic absinthe made at the Neuzeller Distillery.

It reveals herbal flavours and a very light bitterness. It's naturally coloured with plants such as Melissa, Hyssop and Petit Wormwood.

World Spirits Award 2010 "Gold"

Aroma: Strong dominance of wormwood. A lot of freshness going on, lemon grass, lemon balm, mint - a pleasant herbal bouquet.

Taste: Pleasantly spicy notes of wormwood, anise and a subtle touch of caraway. Lively, refreshing, fresh, long finish.
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    1,152 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    72% vol
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    Neuzeller Klosterbrennerei AG, Frankfurter Str. 34, 15898 Neuzelle, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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  • City / Region :
    Neuzelle / Brandenburg
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Neuzeller Abbey, Germany

Neuzeller distillery's know-how goes back as far as 1589.

In 1997, the old buildings and installations could be reused. They also renewed the still. The old distillery tradition was reborn and today offers its visitors a great attraction.

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By Darkend_163

Added on the : 05/03/2017 English

After finishing the bottle I wanted to write another review.
Of course this absinthe is not so fine as Jade. The louche is not very thick and it tastes not so smooth and sweet because of smaller amount of anise and fennel in recipe. But it has very pronounced wormwood notes and strong healthy kick. It is still very good balanced and has some nice and unique floral notes which I liked very much. Tasty and good quality absinthe among of few in Germany worth a try.

By darkend_163

Added on the : 12/03/2016 English

This is a very tasty and high quality Absinthe. It is good balanced and has unique notes. Among with Eichelberger this is the best German Absinthe that should be tried. Highly recommended.

By Cornell Mercer

Added on the : 26/07/2013 English

I'm glad I tried it just to cross it off my list. However, I wasn't keen on the taste of it. It put me in mind of what it would be like to drink old ladies' perfume. Still, It's won awards and friends who accepted a glass from me said they couldn't understand why I didn't like it. It must be down to personal taste.

I like herbal, peppery absinthe, varieties that are strong in wormwood and the kinds that have a lemony anise flavour. I can now confidently say that floral ones don't agree with my palate. Don't be put off by my opinion though, it seems I'm in a minority.

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