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A full flavour and a complex aromatic palate characterise Opaline. An absinthe perfectly in harmony.

It is a true Swiss Verte made from 12 different plants including angelica and the grand wormwood of the Val-de-Travers. Its colour is obtained by the addition of a maceration of different aromatic plants, no artificial colouring is added.

Opaline absinthe is like the rebellious, diabolical sister of the Clandestine. Stronger and more bitter, but nevertheless as characteristic as the Swiss absinthes.

Our verdict: one of the best absinthes around today!
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    1,152 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    68% vol
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  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Logisticx, Karolingerweg 8, 69123 Heidelberg, DE
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Couvet / Val-de-Travers
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Artemisia Bugnon, Swiss

Claude-Alain Bugnon was the first clandestine distiller granted legal status by the Swiss government in the spring of 2005.

For years he had been responsible for a certain quantity of bootlegged absinthe that brought so much attention and status to this small region. His ‘Clandestine' has been and is still considered by many to be the best Swiss La Bleue available today. Claude Alain's custom designed distilling apparatus is located at his premises in Couvet, a former butcher shop!

The alambics each have a capacity of 145 litres, and produce 95 litres of finished absinthe. They are single-walled, rather than duplicating the bain-marie system more commonly used in France. Claude-Alain feels that the fiercer heat gives better extraction of the herbs.

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By Amber

Added on the : 08/03/2013 English

This absinthe is fairly spicy and has a lovely aroma, but the spices seem to be obscuring the primary absinthe flavor notes. It's dry, and with prominently bitter (in a good way) wormwood and citrus. I wish the absinthe flavors were a bit more bold, and the spice flavors were a bit less prominent, but it's definitely still a likable absinthe.

By Famille de le Boire

Added on the : 17/07/2012 English

Excellent absinthe, well defined notes and a strong louche.

By Nicholas

Added on the : 04/03/2012 English

Even though I give this three stars, I wouldn't say it's bad. There's just something missing or something that needs to be taken away. The drink reminds me of Meadow Of Love mixed with Duplais. Feminine and yet robust. Fresh and yet stale. I'm obviously ambivalent. What I will say is that it has a very nice texture. Velvety. But I just seem to feel it beholds some rather morose elements to it that I feel is in some of the less desirable american absinthes. I've yet to pinpoint it. I recommend this but under certain circumstances.

By Aislan

Added on the : 04/11/2011 English

Simple with personality. A perfect balance between wormwood, anise and fennel. I can feel Angelica seeds. The louche is perfect and beautiful. The mouth feel is smooth, velvet. I can feel a little star-anise here, but it's not a problem. Bugnon is a Master! I recommend this Absinthe.

By A new

Added on the : 16/08/2011 English

Slightly more bitter than 1797 for my taste buds and therefore I added more sugar. This makes a great summer cooler. Still higher on alcohol than some and might take practice.

By docholiday

Added on the : 20/10/2010 English

The best I had in this order, the Opaline is a rich and complex natural process Absinthe, the flavours stand out strong in this bottle, but with such crisp distinction that leaves nothing to be desired. Of course, dealing with RueVerte is always a pleasure. I strongly recommend them to any informed buyer of top tier Absinthe.

By Danny.

Added on the : 10/08/2010 English

Very rich, has a certain depth to the flavor beyond the wormwood and anise.

I tried 24 of the 50ml samplers from here and thought Opaline was worth the investment of a full bottle.

By roZa

Added on the : 18/11/2009 English

An almost perfect absinthe, very nice wormwood profile and the quality of the anise is amazing - no need for sugar at a 3.1 ratio- connoisseurs and novices would definitely appreciate.

By AbsintheMan.com

Added on the : 04/06/2009 English

This is an excellent absinthe. Tastes best as a 3 to 1 ratio with a little sugar, and for more experienced drinkers, is great tasting straight up as well. but It is a relaxing, not overpowering absinthe, that you can continue to sip throughout an evening. Be careful. You may end up drinking half of the bottle!

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