Absinthe Pernod - Recette Traditionnelle - 70cl

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The "original recipe" aims to bring back the prestigious Pernod absinthe from the 1900s.    Read the whole description

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The label of the Pernod Absinthe with its old fashioned style aims to remind of the prestige and tradition of Pernod, and its recipe.

It aims to bring back the original Pernod Fils - using a recipe from the 19th Century. This absinthe is distilled from a wine alcohol base, in a French distillery in Thuir (not far from Perpignan). All artificial colours were banned from the previous recipe, and its now natural green colour is obtained through maceration with nettles.

Pernod also uses the world renowned Pontarlier wormwood - the place where the legendary Pernod Fils distillery used to distill its absinthe.

A decent absinthe with a nice variety of herbs.

The Pernod Absinthe after water is added.

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By Scott C.

Added on the : 28/02/2017

Pleasant anise prominence with supportive wormwood bitterness.

By Janne

Added on the : 19/11/2016

This is one of my favorite absinthes, definitely top 3.
I have never tasted a pre-ban absinthe, and sadly I don't think I ever will, but this must come pretty close.
Just the name and bottle itself makes for a nice trip to the belle epoque.
The deep green colour is world class, and the louche starts with smoky trails down the glass and builds slowly from the bottom and up.
When louched it is a beautiful opalescent, cloudy bright green.
It fills the room with a wonderful aroma of anise, and that's also the first thing to greet you in the mouth.
This one is quite heavy on the anise and fennel, with a strong finish of bitter wormwood.
A smooth silky feel on the tongue and gomme after a couple of sips, with some bitterness that lingers for a while.
Not the most complex, but a very traditional, and what I think a close representation of a pre-ban, belle epoque absinthe.
I drink this without any sugar, in a 2,5/1 ratio, but those who don't appreciate some bitterness might add a sugar cube.
I will make sure to always have a bottle of Pernods in my bar.

By Absinthe Revivist

Added on the : 14/09/2014

Definitely better than Pernod's last attempt. Still well short of Jade's PF 1901.

By Gherrin

Added on the : 30/08/2014

This absinthe is excellent. It is everything I want with a quality absinthe: beautiful colour, a variety of tastes, each working its own kind of magic on the tongue. An absinthe for those who have never tried it; an absinthe for anyone who desires a quality drink. And I find it does produce a kind of clarity although no green fairies or other hallucinations, just a comfortable and quality drink.

By Nathan

Added on the : 01/07/2014

I have been fortunate to have tasted both pre-ban Pernod-Fils & post ban Tarragona. This absinthe is "similar" in taste. The Jade PF actually tastes closer, but this Pernod is reminiscent. It is somewhat drier. Having said that; I cannot wait for the restock. I'm ordering a case. It is exceptionally good!

By Taffy Leclerk

Added on the : 08/05/2014

This Pernod Absinthe is currently my favourite. It doesn't ned sugar!

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