Absinthe Philippe Lasala - 1L

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Philippe Lasala is a fruity and refreshing absenta. Very good value for money.

One of the most popular absentas from Spain! This absinthe is a mix of wormwood. melissa, fennel, and green anise essences. No artificial colouring, no sugar. Definitely something for wormwood fans!

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    1,41 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    50% vol
  • Color :
    Green (very pale)
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Bardinet, Chevalier BP 41, 17003 La Rochelle, FR
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
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By James

Added on the : 29/04/2020 English

Not too bad, it does make a good absinthe to give a beginner or one to have a good session with, sadly the essence they use is not as good as some of the type made by people like prestige but for the price of it and the size its fine

By Mike L

Added on the : 24/11/2017 English

Sorry to change my score, but I tend to rate absinthes for my purposes. Nice with a meal but overall a 3.

By Mike L

Added on the : 24/11/2017 English

Very good for a mix of essences. Made for a nice dessert after Thanksgiving dinner.

By AbsintheMan777

Added on the : 07/07/2017 English

Interesting. I don't know if I got a experimental batch or what, but the first whiff off the cap is of strong black pepper. Also the review says this is a light verte, what I received was a liter of blanche. The first sip is also of strong black pepper with very light fennel. I mixed mine with 3 parts water, and 1 cube of sugar. It's certainly not a Jade and for the money It's not bad at all, rather different, but not as expected. Five stars for effort as Absinthe isn't easy to make.

By billlee2330 Casey

Added on the : 25/09/2014 English

This is honestly the most refreshing absinthe I've tasted. It does contain some citrus taste which in my opinion is a lovely addition. Indeed it has relatively less alcohol that some absinthes, but still after two glasses you can really notice the alcohol that is in there. One of my favorites.

By Rc1965

Added on the : 28/02/2014 English

Lovely product. My customers were impressed.
Quick delivery. Thanks very much.

By Tigerman82

Added on the : 18/10/2013 English

Very affordable and comes in 1 litre bottle which is great. I used this to make absinthe cocktails and also to drink straight up. For cocktail use, I'd say the anise flavour is a bit too strong and will slightly dominate the taste of the drink. On the other hand, it's clearly better than some of the 1-star absinthes I've tasted. Taken straight up, the taste is great and reminds me of a brand of Turkish Raki.

By Cornell Mercer

Added on the : 26/07/2013 English

This represents astonishing value for money when one considers the amount you get for the price and the decent quality of the stuff. It's more complex than I imagined with subtle hints of peppery spice to complement the blithe citrus undertones. There's a pleasing kick of anise but it's not crude and it won't blow the back of your head off.

I'd happily buy this again and would recommend it as an everyday absinthe that's gentle on the purse.

By Haymarket

Added on the : 04/07/2013 English

Not crazy about this Spanish absinthe. It's a mixed essence and therefore to me is lower quality. It's decent enough for using in mixing cocktails and is a nice low proof, low price option for a beginner.

By sixthecat

Added on the : 07/12/2012 English

Okay, so it breaks all the absinthe rules, but if you fill a glass with ice, pour an ounce of Lasala, and then top it with some ice cold cream soda, you got one heck of a delicious beverage. How many nights have I enjoyed this creation? I cannot count, but I enjoyed them all.

Also if you mix an ounce of Lasala with an ounce of brandy, shake it in ice, and pour. We call it a 'Gilgamesh.' Excellent little shooter that you might want to sip.

Lasala seems to taste best the colder you serve it.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 16)

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