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SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes bring the advantages of the traditional absinthe louche ritual - as you'd get with a a water-filled fountain or carafe, along with spoon and sugar - with much greater convenience for a single serving.

The traditional absinthe louche ritual we know and love: with water-filled fountain or carafe, a spoon and sugar, is a delight to behold. Many minutes of pleasure watching a louche form, white vapoury trails as the absinthe goes cloudy. This tradition is a delight, however it is not always the most practical.

The people behind Slipsteam have come up with a new way of serving absinthe that keeps the pleasurable bits about the traditional absinthe serve, and adds convenience. Rather than having to set up a fountain, or sloshing water all over your table, it's all a very neat affair. And dishwasher friendly!

If you are travelling and still want to enjoy absinthe, the pipe is particularly practical because of its detachable straw, and the fact it is made of borosilicate glass (also called Pyrex). This gives it an incredible strength compared to normal glass.

We understand and love the traditional absinthe ritual, and the SLIPSTREAM® Pipe is not something for everyone, and not for all occasions, however SLIPSTREAM® has got decent praise from some well-known people in the absinthe community, in particular highlighting its convenience.

Key facts:

- Dishwasher-safe glass
- Modern and convenient.
- Ideal for travel, with detachable straw. No more sugar stuck in your glass.
- Ideal for bars and for private enjoyment.

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  • Capacity
    200 ml
  • Height
    18 cm

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  • Capacity :
    200 ml
  • Height :
    18 cm
  • Product Type :
    Absinthe Pipe

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By Brian

Added on the : 18/04/2018 English

Beautiful piece of glass art work, not for everyday, but definitely fun when used, the look is unique and it impressed my friends!

By From Japan

Added on the : 04/09/2017 English

A fun and new way to enjoy your favorite absinthe.
Easy to use with instructions.The best part quickly make you drink and start sipping. Love watching the louche rising up to the glass like smoke.

By Polly

Added on the : 02/02/2017 English

These are going to be quite a talking point ... slighter smaller than I expected but I guess good size for that individual or tasting drink. They add another dimension when serving to friends especially for the first time...

By Christiana

Added on the : 07/12/2016 English

I'm not yet an absinthe connoisseur, but it seems to me that this is the best way to enjoy absinthe. A perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics! Totally satisfied with the package and delivery, as well.

By The visuals are worth the wait!

Added on the : 30/01/2016 English

I was looking for glassware specific to drinking absinthe and came across these absinthe glasses. Always willing to try something new, I bought several (for me and my friends). They arrived quickly and well-packed.

I couldn't wait to try one out and found the resulting show fascinating. With the water being heavier than the alcohol, the mixing begins quickly and there is a little vortex of alcohol that snakes its way up through the center while the water works its way down along the sides. The whole thing takes a few minutes, but you'll want to wait.

It does an excellent job of mixing. As I start with more absinthe than they show in the pictures, the straw ends up with almost straight absinthe by the time mixing is complete. This may be a bonus, but if you don't want it, you can gently blow it back into the glass and mixture will replace it.

By Mathew

Added on the : 03/01/2016 English

Perfect absinthe preparation. This is the best absinthe item ever. Perfect absinthe preparation with 3 easy steps and very durable. Thanks Slipstream Absinthe.

By Rodger

Added on the : 31/12/2015 English

Don't hesitate because of the price. Nothing comes close. I can't say enough about this. A friend of mine showed it to me at work and I instantly checked for videos. Saw the video. Ordered it. Received it yesterday and I literally could not be happier. I've had a lot of absinthe in my time, prepared in several ways, but this is my absolute favorite. One may think to themselves "sheesh, $54 is a lot to spend on a glass" but this isn't just a glass, this is an unadulterated way of creating the perfect absinthe louche. I may be drunk on absinthe now, but rest assured, I'm drinking it through this fancy contraption. Buy it. Don't hesitate. Embrace the absinthe in your life. Party life every night.

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