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What is special about this absinthe is the ruby red color that originates from a secret plant. This plant is harvested from the wild in the Ille-de-Vilaine region. The name of the plant remains a secret known only to the distiller, Julien Fanny.

A combination of 9 different plants lend their individual aromas to Awen Nature Absinthe Rouge. The result is a very harmonious absinthe.

The design is inspired by the Celtic traditions of Brittany, where the absinthe is made.

Awen Nature absinthe is certified organic.

Color: Ruby red

Louche: Develops slowly, the color transforming into a light creamy pastel tone.

Aroma: Slightly fruity and peppery, with notes of apple and black currant, anise can be detected in the background.

Very creamy and slightly sweet in the mouth, angelica is in the foreground, anise can be identified afterwards.

Conclusion: a complex and not too floral absinthe.
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  • Capacity :
  • Shipping Weight :
    1,655 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    60% vol
  • Color :
    ruby red
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Awen Nature, 7B Rue Pierre Gillouard, 35340 La Bouëxière, FR
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Chevaigné / Britanny
  • Anise taste :
  • Stopper :
  • Product Type :

Awen Nature

In the small town Chevaigné in Brittany, France, Julien Fanny has founded the Awen Nature distillery, realizing a longstanding dream of his.

He produces the first, high quality organic spirits in Brittany. This includes, among others, 4 absinthes and one ‘almost-liqueur’ flavored using verbena , that we are now proud to offer you in our shop.

Below you'll learn more about the small distillery, Julien’s bond with nature and tradition, and his use of traditional production methods. And most importantly – Julien’s willingness to experiment and innovate – of the 4 absinthes released by Awen Nature, 3 of them use completely innovative plants to give them colour: Saffron, Verbena and something wild and secret Julien would not share with us!

The genesis of Awen Nature

Ever since he was a child, Julien watched his aunt preparing different plant-based products. That is how his passion for plants and their properties developed.

When Julien had to give up his profession as artist blacksmith, he knew that this would be the right time to turn his passion for plants into his profession. After an extensive research of old absinthe recipes, he founded the Awen Nature distillery in 2013.

This has been supported by crowdfunding which allowed Julien to purchase a bigger copper pot still in order to increase the production volume. He was also able to buy the plants and herbs that he needed for the distillation.

All of the Awen Nature spirits are produced according to traditional recipes and old production methods. These are the same methods that were used before the absinthe ban in 1915.

The labels were designed by the artist Gwladys Rose. Celtic traditions from Brittany have been taken as an inspiration for them. Some of the labels depict nymphs or fairies that represent the fusion between humanity and nature.

An environmental friendly production

The word “Nature” in the name of the distillery already gives a clue to the importance of an environmental friendly production at the distillery.

Sustainability and environmental protection play an important role. Julien uses recyclable materials and environmentally friendly packaging. He even delivers his spirits by himself by bicycle to customers in Rennes, the nearest large town.

A product range of unique organic spirits

The distiller loves to experiment with new plants in order to discover other aromas and to perfect the taste of his spirits.

This is also reflected in his product range: the blanche is a refreshing change from a typical Swiss bleue, using some more atypical plants in the recipe. The verte is colored with verbena, and the ‘jaune’ is colored with saffron, and the red absinthe is colored with a local wild plant that Julien is keeping well to himself! These are all absolute innovations, while remaining true to the spirit of real absinthe and using authentic traditional techniques.

All of his spirits are certified organic and all of the herbs come from 100% organic farming. The majority even comes from the immediate surroundings of the distillery. The plants are macerated in organic grain spirit for 2 days and then distilled. Julien doesn’t add any artificial colors or preservatives.

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By Jasper

Added on the : 15/04/2020 English

A naturally coloured rouge absinthe?! It's pretty good! Strong juniper gives it an almost gin-like finish, but the anise is still there! Lovely pastel pink louche!

By Dee Kay

Added on the : 21/12/2017 English

I give this one 4 stars. I like it. Red is pretty.

By FarisForestFarm

Added on the : 29/09/2017 English

This was a very pleasant surprise ... I Love Absinthes and am always interested in off the path varieties which mostly are not impressive as they tend to be little more than synthetic dyes and flavored Vodka ... But this one caught our eye as it was organic and naturally red in appearance, polar opposite of green on the color wheel so we gave it a go as you can't get much more off the path than that ... It smells nothing like Absinthe, and we always prefer to do straight shots with some sort of soda chaser as Absinthes are much higher in alcohol so the effervescence of any soda always helps to clear the burn and makes the notes very rich in Smell and adds a little extra Breath ... Ginger being our favorite as the ginger adds to the warm pallet with Anise and licorice ... upon the first shot we were both very put off by the mint overtone, but only for a second as the mint isn't a peppermint or sharp cold mint, which could add to the burn, but a very sweet spearmint, surprisingly it added to the natural sweetness of such a hard shot, and of all the Absinthes I've ever drank, the aroma of this one lingered much longer than any other becoming more and more distinct with each breath, and the warmth felt in the chest was stronger and noticeable like ocean waves ... I can't say for certain why it was so much more distinct, but I'm guessing there is cinnamon or something earthier hidden behind the Spearmint. I use to serve Hot Apple Cider with a splash of absinth for customers during a winter festival for years ... This made me think immediately of that drink I enjoyed serving my patrons, though we never use any mints in it, it was always in winter so this is where the spearmint complements all the warmth of such a strong bodied drink like Absinthe. Defiantly an adventurous drink and worth trying!

By Carlo

Added on the : 29/04/2016 English

I'm very happy to see this very interesting absinthe available here. In the past I got some samples, also Verte and Safran, and I was looking forward to get some more.

Appearance: A beautiful orange red, very clear, less deep than it looks in the website pictures.

Louche: In the beginning it's beautiful to watch because of the many swirling colours, green, yellow, orange. After adding water it gets, quite unexpectedly, mostly green. Oily layer on top, translucent, not thick. I would not dilute it past 1:3. This is also the website recommendation.

Aroma: Not very strong, some dryness, a little alcohol. Little anise, some wormwood. A wood in summer, peopled with different wild plants. It's interesting that aroma changes a lot as minutes go by. Not the average absinthe at all.

Taste: Some wormwood bitterness, freshly cut grass and flowers, very little anise. It is quite creamy, thick, in the mouth. Complex, but very very mild. No strong taste in front. Not even flowers. My main objection here is that it is very mild.

Lingering: some bitter wormwood, grass.

Overall: I tested Awen Rouge over two months, during which I had a whole bottle of Neuzeller Malvales and half of Adnams Rouge. Getting back to Awen, I expected to like Adnams much better, remembering I had previously found Awen far too mild. I would now rather describe Awen as delicate and balanced, complex in its own way, putting no stress on flowery aromas. I'm getting some more bottles in the future, as it deserves a deeper acquaintance.

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