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A green absinthe of very high quality made by Claude-Alain Bugnon.   Read the whole description

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This "Die Grüne Fee" absinthe is lovingly prepared from plants native to the Val-de-Travers. The distiller uses just traditional methods of distillation, and refers to recipes that date back into the Belle Epoque. More details: Nose Prominent notes of lemon balm. Fresh and spicy. With varied flavours, yet still balanced. Palate Initial sweetness, followed by a warm and strong bitterness. Rich, full bodied and well-rounded. Very complex and yet not heavy. Long finish with slight bitterness. In short Strong flavours and complex aromas are typical for this Sade. A harmonious and powerful absinthe. A true “Verte” made from twelve different herbs.

Artemisia Bugnon, Swiss

Claude-Alain Bugnon was the first clandestine distiller granted legal status by the Swiss government in the spring of 2005.

For years he had been responsible for a certain quantity of bootlegged absinthe that brought so much attention and status to this small region. His ‘Clandestine' has been and is still considered by many to be the best Swiss La Bleue available today. Claude Alain's custom designed distilling apparatus is located at his premises in Couvet, a former butcher shop!

The alambics each have a capacity of 145 litres, and produce 95 litres of finished absinthe. They are single-walled, rather than duplicating the bain-marie system more commonly used in France. Claude-Alain feels that the fiercer heat gives better extraction of the herbs.

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Added on the : 29/01/2017

This is Absinthe on another level. First you see the vibrant color, which is a saturated green unlike anything I have ever seen in a naturally colored Absinthe. It is beautiful! Then the powerful and sweet aromas hit soon after. It is the kind of deeply scented extract you might believe is some kind of rare and expensive perfume. I added ice cold distilled water at a ratio of 5:1. The louche was creamy and mesmerizing. It reflects an Absinthe rainbow of colors while still maintaining that sincerely amazing deep green color. This is when the flavors really begin to blossom. It fills the room with it's sweet and powerful aromas of Wormwood, Fennel, Anise, Mint and Lemon Balm. The flavors are redolent of an herbal wine of the gods. This is a spectacular Absinthe unlike anything I have tried before. It is perfectly balanced and seamless in it's aromas, flavor profile and mouthfeel. If this is a modern take on Absinthe, I like where things are headed with a masterpiece like this representing that segment of the market. At this point in time, this is my favorite Absinthe of all the bottles I've tasted in the last 10 years.

By Great Stuff

Added on the : 01/12/2016

An unbelievable absinthe from our usual Swiss friends, this one is so meticulous and sophisticated that you wouldn't want to drink it every day. The aroma itself is something special and the flavor does in fact go up the classic and ordinary traditional path; up until a certain point. But at that point it indeed breaks off from its trajectory, changing its heading into uncharted territory. A true original product here, good luck to those attempting to catch this Blackbird with a conventional missile.

By Red Fairy

Added on the : 04/06/2015

Everyone should try this absinthe. This is my favorite absinthe to date. The scent is powerful and indicates the anise flavor that awaits. This is the smoothest, best tasting absinthe I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The anise flavor is very distinct and the delivery is second to none. The louche is an opaque green and the development of the louche represents the complexity of this absinthe. It is worth every cent. The day after my first bottle arrived, I purchased three more. Thank you absinthes.com. For those of us in America your site is an absinthe haven.

By Robbie

Added on the : 27/02/2015

This Absinthe is out of this world! Well it speaks to my tastes very loudly anyway. Colour clear and has a noticeable dark green tinge. Aroma is herbaceous and wormwood, fennel, anise are there but subtle and balanced, the louche is long and entrancing. Now the best part. The taste. It just makes me stunned! and I go wow, how does someone make something that good? Very good balance of flavours in there, mainly I taste the anise and wormwood up front. The wormwood comes on nice after sipping (as I like it) with the anise putting a little numbing in . There is lots of other characters in there (but I am not experienced enough to go into detail) they all play together very well close behind those two. The texture is just right, its light but still has a nice silky smoothness about it. Without a doubt my favourite absinthe after second pour. Cheers.

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