Absinthe Serpis Classic 65 - 1L

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The absinthe Serpis Classic 65 is sweet and fruity. Very charming, it is a very original absinthe.

If it has 10 degrees more than the 55° version, its aromas are also much more varied.

One thing is sure is that it is original, whether for its aromas or for its colour. That is probably why many amateurs appreciate it so much.
Once mixed with water, its red colour turns into a beautiful apricot colour that goes perfectly well with its fruity aromas.

An exotic absinthe that could surprise many of you !

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By Duke

Added on the : 08/05/2018 Anglais

Good 'modern' absinth yet expensive shipping costs frop Germany for only one bottle.

By Monster

Added on the : 02/02/2018 Anglais

Very satisfied with the serpis! Your company rocks

By toro

Added on the : 11/07/2017 Anglais

I appreciate Serpis 65. No dyes - the reddish tint is natural coloring. I reserve my bottle for a kind of party absinthe: Bull Piss. Serpis 65 touched with ice cold Red Bull. A fun and talkative beverage.

By gg

Added on the : 01/04/2017 Anglais

Very nice for the money!! I was expecting it to be kinda gimmicky being red, but its really good actually, more flavor than the blanche but still light. I think one of the best values for the money, I'll be getting it again.

By matatoro

Added on the : 30/03/2017 Anglais

This isn't an absinthe for drinking by itself, at least not to my taste, but if you want to make a Nardo, Serpis 65 is the *only* absinthe.

By Jean Lafitte

Added on the : 10/07/2014 Anglais

I would ask people to ignore the red color and try this - its a hidden gem. The bright red louche gives way to a beautiful orange louche. It has, to me, a distinct mint overtone with a nice finish.

I've been waiting a long time for this to get back in stock. Good absinthe!

By Lasse

Added on the : 13/01/2014 Anglais

A hardy, complex, refreshing drink maybe best enjoyed in really freezing or really hot weather (not to be consumed quickly). I would find it enjoyable even without the artificial coloration even though I have to admit that the tone radiates a powerful allure.

By wv eric

Added on the : 26/02/2012 Anglais

I really like the serpis absinthe. Good flavor and wonderful color. Easy to find yourself on your third glass before you know it.

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