Absinthe Spoon Artemisia Sterling Silver

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Please note that these spoons are shipped directly from Kirk Burkett's studio in Virginia.

The Artemisia Spoon is a gorgeous, marvelously functional absinthe spoon with the bowl made of intertwined wormwood leaves, and the handle fashioned in the form of a branch. This is a simply stunning piece of silver art, and arguably Kirk's finest creation.

Every piece made by Kirk Burkett will have your name (or a name of your choice) engraved.


The well known Virginia-based artist Kirk Burkett brings his skills as a master craftsman in silver and his passion as an absintheur together in this extraordinary range of sterling silver absinthe spoons and grilles. These highly original and beautifully worked pieces are the first truly modern rethinking of a classic absinthe artifact in over a century, and have been greeted with acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

Aside from the beauty and originality of the spoons, they are supremely practical - they fit snugly on any standard sized glass. They are an absolute delight to look at, and to hold. The original range of grilles has now been augmented by several spoons, including the extraordinary Artemisia spoon with a bowl fashioned of intertwined wormwood leaves and, most recently, a perfect replica of the legendary Frénay Feuille spoon, one of the rarest and most sought after of all absinthe spoons. As with the grilles, the photographs don't do these spoons justice - they need to be seen in the flesh for the workmanship to be fully appreciated.

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By Georges Méliès

Added on the : 05/05/2015 English

Certainly not a classic antique design but unquestionably a work of art. I can't begin to fathom the amount of meticulous work is involved in crafting this lovely piece. It evokes a wormwood plant perfectly, with astonishing detail. Even though I am a traditionalist I love to use this spoon occasionally just because it is so beautiful and feels so good in the hand. It also fits a variety of glasses, with both a typical 'hump' to fit over the rim as well as a curved tip to fit over the opposite rim.

Truly lovely and perhaps the only completely modern absinthe spoon I would even consider owning. Well worth the price. This level of craftsmanship is far too rare today.

By Shandy

Added on the : 05/05/2014 English

I bought this spoon after buying the Frenay feuille spoon.
The Frenay was elegant, where this one was bulkier and more distinctly crimped, elongated and organic (like art nouveau is organic). The spoon is strongly themed which adds theatre to the Absinthe ceremony.
It is very able in venting sugar water in use, and sits comfortably and reasonable straight on the glass.
It is a fascinating piece. Not elegant, but fascinating.
And then, when you place the 2 spoons alongside, Wow, this difference in spoons. This contrast.
That one silver spoon could contrast another so strongly is surprising.
Now you are offering your Absinthe partner a choice!

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