Absinthe Spoon Croix - Silver

Also available in : Gold colour

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A beautiful spoon decorated with crosses, especially produced for the traditional absinthe ritual.   Read the whole description

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This spoon is decorated with 8 crosses and 19 holes. This spoon is produced in France. This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : Flat with a straight fold.
  • Head : A little edge goes almost all around the head. The large centrale vein ends into a little hole at the bottom of the head.

    It is good to know that when a vein is large, it often end into a little hole, so that the sweet water can run through completely.

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By MerryDrunk

Added on the : 31/03/2017

Cool spoon. Just as beautiful as the others. However, it is advertised as silver-plated. After comparing it to my chrome-plated ones (also from Absinthes.com) it is very difficult to tell the difference. The silver has just a slight more gleam to it. But it is really difficult to notice. I probably noticed it only because I knew which one was silver and which one was chrome/steel. So buying one of these might look the same as a chrome/steel spoon. Just some info in case it might help someone make a decision. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful spoon worthy of your collection.

By Vesa

Added on the : 17/05/2013

A plain absinthe spoon, works just the way you would expect. Good value.

By Wink

Added on the : 17/04/2013

An attractive, utilitarian spoon. A good value for the money.

By gabo12

Added on the : 27/03/2013

Hello from Argentina.....Excellent product, hard to find here! The parcel arrived home very soon, so I enjoy this spoon vey much!

By Andreas

Added on the : 31/01/2011

Nothing to complain about. Beautiful and well made spoon.

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