Absinthe Spoon Feuille II - Chrome

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One of the most beautiful spoons from the Belle Epoque. Intertwined wormwood leaves and a curled ribbon form the design of this absinthe spoon, a reproduction of the Les Feuilles d'Absinthe spoon from around the turn of the century.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.
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  • Family
    Les Feuilles
  • Color
  • Length
    153 mm
  • Diameter
    35 mm

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    14,00 g
  • Family :
    Les Feuilles
  • Color :
  • Length :
    153 mm
  • Diameter :
    35 mm
  • Product Type :
    Absinthe Spoon

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By S0rter

Added on the : 05/02/2020 English

I like it. The design is special and it really looks robust

By jamaj413@gmail.com

Added on the : 05/09/2017 English

The Feuille II spoon is perfect. I enjoy your emails very much Jim

By fairy85

Added on the : 16/08/2017 English

I saw it and I had to have it! it is beautiful, lead me to this website and to taste delicious drinks, what else can I ask for? If you are going to drink absinthe do it with style! This is the spoon...


Added on the : 02/08/2017 English

My personal favourite spoon design so far on the website. It works really well on the all my glasses and produces a nice forming louche!

By Ninonocae

Added on the : 21/02/2017 English

While being a good spoon to use for absinthe (and helps the sugar melt very evenly!) it doesn't seem to be as detailed as the picture would suggest.

By Shanty Doc

Added on the : 28/10/2016 English

Very nice spoon, sits well on the glass and produces a nice forming louche! Highly recommend it

By MN_Belle

Added on the : 17/10/2014 English

My favorite of the designs carried on the site! The version I have has etching crisscrossing the spoon. Love the intricacy of the pattern.

By Coeus

Added on the : 18/10/2013 English

Very useful, lovely Absinthe spoon. I particularly love the notch in the handle that holds it in the right place.

By 21Faces

Added on the : 21/09/2013 English

A really good spoon - the design makes it much harder for sugar to clump in the middle instead of dripping into the glass.

By J.Bizarro

Added on the : 09/05/2013 English

This is a beautiful spoon, everyone who sees it, loves it. It is of great quality and does its job very well.

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