Absinthe Spoon Feuille simple - Chrome

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An absinthe spoon decorated with 12 sophisticated veins.   Read the whole description

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The Feuille Simple spoon is a reproduction of an antique spoon from the Belle Époque. With 12 sophisticated veins, this spoon is the perfect choice for the traditional absinthe ritual. This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : Round with a curved fold very close to the head.
  • Head : Slighlty curved shaped with a fold by way of vein.

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By Laurance

Added on the : 02/04/2015

I really LOVE mine! Now, mine was free. It came along with a bottle of American Lucid Absinthe. Mine is very well made, high quality, and the metal is neither too thick or too thin. And it's just the right size. It holds the sugar just fine, and if I pour gently the water drips through every so nicely. Mind you, you can splash if you pour the water too forcefully or too fast. I would gladly pay $8 for this nice spoon, if I knew in advance what I was getting and I didn't get it for free with a bottle of Absinthe. Whether or not this paid-for version is the same as what I got free with Lucid Absinthe I do not know.

By New Absintheur

Added on the : 21/11/2011

I like the shape of this spoon, its amazingly simple… Although its a little difficult to dilute the sugar cube since the central vein and the inclination are not very well defined.

By Jean-Mathieu

Added on the : 16/05/2008

In my opinion this spoon was made a little too "quick and dirty". However, it's simple and correct.

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