Absinthe Spoon Toulouse-Lautrec - Chrome

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The precise origins of the Toulouse Lautrec spoon are shrouded in mystery. The infamous artist himself was a well known absinthe lover, so the excitement was immense when 12 absinthe spoons of a design never seen before, bearing his artist's monogram, were unearthed along with a signed Toulouse Lautrec lithograph.

The spoon itself is a strikingly original Art Nouveau design. Whatever the real origins were, we'll probably never know for certain.
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By RossoBella

Added on the : 12/02/2019 English

My favourite design, being a collector of anything Art Nouveau. Yes, the spoon is a copy of the original, but for the price I’m happy. Works well with wider rimmed glasses as it is a large sized spoon.

By A S Kant

Added on the : 06/12/2017 English

Very pretty and functional. A good and practical spoon.

By fheirtzler

Added on the : 30/07/2017 English

It may be a bit expensive, but it's quite distinctive and adds class to serving your guests a distinctive absinthe.

By OzAd3

Added on the : 05/04/2017 English

The design is pretty but not as practical as the Feuille. The head could be more concave and it should have a straight fold on the handle.

By Newcomer

Added on the : 25/01/2017 English

It is very nice and functional. It is a bit of flimsy.

By Works and looks great

Added on the : 03/05/2013 English

It is a nice spoon with wholes that are not too small. A nice product with a great history.

By Alexis

Added on the : 10/04/2013 English

Very pretty spoons. Extremely light to hold but I'm sure they'll be durable.

By New Absintheur

Added on the : 17/11/2012 English

My brother just brought a couple of these from his trip to Europe.

At the very beggining we were confused on how to use them, after that everything was just amusing.
This is an "abnormal" absinthe spoon with a very entertaining design. We love them!

Thanks absinthes.com

By mauiwind

Added on the : 26/02/2012 English

Cute, but on the flimsy side. I'm sure it will look and feel better with (during) use.

By Aislan

Added on the : 10/09/2011 English

Designed by Toulouse-Lautrec or not this is a High quality work... Very beautiful and stylish.

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