Absinthe Spoon Toulouse-Lautrec

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A beautiful replica of the famous Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's spoon.    Read the whole description

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  • Family : Unclassifiable
  • Color : Chrome/steel
  • Length : 180mm
  • Diameter : 42mm

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The precise origins of the Toulouse Lautrec spoon are shrouded in mystery. The infamous artist himself was a well known absinthe lover, so the excitement was immense when 12 absinthe spoons of a design never seen before, bearing his artist's monogram, were unearthed along with a signed Toulouse Lautrec lithograph.

The spoon itself is a strikingly original Art Nouveau design. Whatever the real origins were, we'll probably never know for certain.

  • Handle : Round with a curved end.
  • Head : A gentle dip directs the flow of water and sugar.
  • Family :
  • Color :
  • Length :
  • Diameter :

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