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Elegant and balanced. A tribute to Switzerland.

The form of the Croix Suisse spoon is inspired by the lance of the Swiss guards. Made of punched sheet metal, the punched out holes depict 22 bells representing the Swiss cantons surrounding a Swiss cross, in the centre of the head. A broad edge forms a b ...

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An absinthe spoon, decorated with stars, produced for the absinthe traditional r...

This absinthe spoon is decorated with 8 stars and 15 holes. This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green< ...

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A beautiful grille.

This round-shaped absinthe spoon is called a "Grille". Its handle as well as its legs are made of round metal. Not as common as others, this absinthe spoon is nevertheless highly practical. Its round shape enables a different decoration that makes it very original.

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