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A beautiful spoon with a leaf shape.

The pleasing outline of this spoon is a leaf, but the beauty is in the detail as well as the shape: the elegant form of a wormwood plant, Artemisia Absinthium, is represented as a cutout shape in the centre of the spoon. The elegance of this spoon is only enhance ...

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Elegant and balanced. A tribute to Switzerland.

The form of the Croix Suisse spoon is inspired by the lance of the Swiss guards. Made of punched sheet metal, the punched out holes depict 22 bells representing the Swiss cantons surrounding a Swiss cross, in the centre of the head. A broad edge forms a b ...

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The Pernod Fils absinthe spoon combines modernity and tradition elegantly.

This beautiful spoon is ideal for absinthe tasting. Its sleek design with its square and rectangle-shaped holes give the spoon a modern look. Its Art Nouveau style with the vitality of today's design features is combined with the inscription on the handle ...

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