Absinthe Tunel 80 Cannabis - 70cl

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This absinthe is no longer available. However, we highly recommend Cannabis Absinthium instead, which is a superior absinthe for a similar price.

The Tunel 80 Cannabis is a high proof hemp flavored absenta

Contains star anise for a quick and thick louche after water is added.
The label says 80 but the real alcohol content is 70%.

The Tunel 80 is also available in different colors: blue, black, green and red.
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By Northern-Regius

Added on the : 02/03/2015 English

This is an unique hemp flavored Absenta. Not great, but not bad. Even though the true alcohol content is 70% it's still hard to hate this blend which is smooth even if it's depth is lacking. For every "top shelf" spirit there is the next level down (call) & lastly "well-drink" quality- this one at the price point & taste level qualifies as a middle of the road Absinthe.

By Absinthe revivalist

Added on the : 20/07/2014 English

Absolutely vile. Suited only for the sad minority who simply wish to become as drunk as possible without having rouse themselves to refill their glass.

By Razon

Added on the : 18/06/2014 English

Very gold taste. And I can buy it in most stores in Tenerife

By woopie d

Added on the : 18/05/2014 English

This was well worth the money, im one happy customer and will defo be buying from here again.

By Anon

Added on the : 23/01/2014 English

Great Product! Loved it. Will buy again, for sure.

By Yess yesss

Added on the : 09/01/2014 English

Amazing drink I love it better than the absinthes we have in the states.

By Amen

Added on the : 04/06/2013 English

An intermediate absinthe a very unique flavor, would return to buy.

By Elizabeth

Added on the : 03/06/2013 English

This will be always a classic to people who search new things. Nice smell.

By Elizabeth

Added on the : 03/06/2013 English

This will be always a classic to people who search new things. Nice smell.

By Anon

Added on the : 30/03/2013 English

Great product and great taste, probably not the best absinthe but its a great novelty for a party, definitely will buy again and again

Results 1 to 10  (out of 13)

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