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A great absinthe for beginners, and thoser who like their absinthe mild. This is a good quality absinthe with pastis-like qualities.

Un Peureux has been made by the Grande Distilleries Peureux on the occasion of their 150th company anniversary, and is based on a recipe from 1864, the recipe the distillery was using before the absinthe ban came into effect in the 20th century.

In the recipe are the usual absinthe herbs such as wormwood, fennel, anise, lemon balm, and hyssop, and also star anise. Due to the star anise, the louche is very fast to form.

The attractive packaging and classic label make this ideal as a gift.

Colour: Golden green, natural.

Aroma: Peureux smells sweet and floral. One detects fennel and lemon balm.

Louche: The louche starts to form with the first drop of water that falls in the glass, and is very quickly opaque. However much water is put into the glass, this absinthe remains thick and cloudy, with a light yellow tone.

Flavour: Very sweet and lightly but pleasantly spicy. Womrwood is there in the background.

Finish: Lightly bitter, which is balanced out from the natural sweetness of the anise. The taste is not cloying, inviting you to drink more.

Conclusion: The strong and fast louche effect suggest that Peureux contains star anise. Not a bad thing in itself, but a larger amount of green anise would be better. Green anise tends to be softer and complement the other herbs in the absinthe, rather than dominating. In any case, this is a perfectly decent absinthe, and a good one for someone discovering absinthe for the first time.
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    950,00 g
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    48% vol
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    Peureux, 43 Avenue Claude Peureux, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By Solanaceae

Added on the : 09/07/2018 English

A nice little absinthe. Easy to drink and simple but surprisingly tasty considering its price and abv. There is star anise in that flavour but it fits well with the other herbs and is not too numbing or dominant. There is a nice coniferous taste between wormwood and the other flavours, probably thanks to angelica. 1:3 without sugar.

By Darkend_163

Added on the : 05/03/2017 English

This is their first absinthe after hundred years and a really successful one.

This is a pretty tasty, good balanced and complex absinthe. It is very intense and requires more water as one may think. Angelique notes are very noticeable here, also slight touch of veronica and maybe mint. It has pretty much star anise, however it harmonizes quiet well with other ingredients and is not overpowering, harsh or annoying but still it would be better if its quantity were reduced.

This absinthe has a lot in common with pastis, so it could be a good starter for pastis liker who never tasted absinthe before. Very nice antique appearance. Great as a gift for its box and low price.

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