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The Verte de Fougerolles is now known under the name Enigma Verte. Though the recipe has not changed, the label has, it now displays an Art-Nouveau design, in the vein of 1900 absinthe posters. The Enigma is still the fine wine alcohol-based absinthe that worldwide absintheurs have praised since 2003 under the name Verte de Fougerolles, no change there, the name Enigma has been adopted in 2010 simply because of the issues for non-French speakers to say the name "Fougerolles".

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    1,6 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    72% vol
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  • Responsible Food Company :
    Paul Devoille, 9 Rue des Moines Haut, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
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Paul Devoille, France


The distillery was founded by Xavier Devoille. His son, Paul Devoille, was very dedicated to developing the distillery, and worked hard on its growth. This is why up until this day, the distillery is named after him. Paul Devoille was a very important person in Fougerolles, he held the position of the major for many years.


Due to the bad financial position the distillery was in, Jaques Veillet, the new owner of the distillery, decided to sell it to an experienced business man, who already invested into a couple of other distilleries inside and outside on France. René Miscault bought the distillery, and made some rapid administrational changes. He also expanded their product range, and opened the distillery for visitors to the public. These measures may seem drastic, however, they saved the distillery in the end. Today, Hugues Miscault, the son of René Miscault, runs the distillery.

Paul Devoille's Absinthe:

Their probably most popular absinthes, apart from the Libertines, and the Enigma Verte and Enigma Blanche. Absinthe Soixante-Cinq is a pretty interesting absinthe as well, with a quite spicy smell combined with a fruityness from the wine-alcohol base. Certainly, there are a lot of other spirits produced at Paul Devoille, such as eau-de-vies and liqueurs. From plum to strawberry, you can find nearly all of the common flavours.

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By Walt

Added on the : 19/04/2017 English

This is really a superiour absinthe, I've to order the 70cl version.

By Billlee2330

Added on the : 08/10/2014 English

A strong absinthe with a great taste. It has a fantastic milky white louche and a good anise aroma and taste.

By Al bundy

Added on the : 02/03/2011 English

It's good shit, very flavorful solid taste that is on the strong side.

By thank you!

Added on the : 02/01/2010 English

I was very happy with your service! I sure will order again!
Thanks, and a happy new year.


Added on the : 01/02/2008 English

Nose (before adding water): very green, it goes from a hay hardly dry smell to a mowed lawn scent. (!!!)
Palate : A fresh anise and a nice length that continues on notes of dried leaves.

A very interesting absinthe that combines freshness and richness of a real savoury alcohol.

Very good buy. Thank you.

MC, whiskyphile.

PS: Good job on the website and the advise !

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