Absinthe Verte Napoléon III - 50cl

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Based on a recipe from 1857. Unique.   Read the whole description

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Verte Napoléon III is absolutely unique, and unlike any other absinthe available today, perhaps due to the inclusion of some unusual herbs more commonly used back in 1857, when the recipe is from, than today. Simply demands to be tried!

The Absinthe Verte Napoléon III won two medals:

- Silver Medal at the Concours des Absinthes Vertes of Pontarlier 2012
- Bronze Medal at the Concours Général Agricole of Paris 2013
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  • Bitter:
  • Complexity:

Bourbonnaise Distillery, France

The Absintherie Bourbonnaise distillery opened its doors on May 17, 2011, just after the absinthe ban in France was lifted. The owner of the distillery mainly wanted to revive authentic absinthe recipes, and offer contract distillation to client's own recipes. Absintherie Bourbonnaise was established by absintheur Phil Fumoux who, before becoming a distiller, used to collect and sell absinthe antiques. He created the ‘Frenchman' range of replica absinthe accessories. Due to the interesting scheme of contact-distilling, is is no surpise that this distillery carries a very broad range of absinthes – from absinthes made of historic French recipes, to modern, new absinthes using unique and new herbs, such as bison grass – the Bourbonnaise distillery covers it all.

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By LostInLouche

Added on the : 10/10/2011

From a distant land, came a gallant nectar.

A fine creation from this up and comer at Bourbonnaise(A distillery devoted to absinthe) and the second of the line ive had the privilage to try. Amazing scents of anise, wormwood, with underlying minty and floral traces and possibly a touch of honey.? A mid to dark dead leaf color gives this absinthe a look of history that adds to its charm. The louche forms slow and then blossoms into raging cloud reminisant of a sand storms as the slick distinguishes itself to reveal the magic underneath,I am lost. Very impressed by the grand wormwoods subtleness in this mark, it comes in on the front-end then allowing all the other flavors to introduce themselvels, all the while reminding you that wormwood endures to till finish! A incredibly unique and smooth absinthe with no alcohol bite. How can you go wrong?Try this and be happy.

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