Absinthe Vivide - 2nd edition - 50cl

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Wine alcohol, 104 test distillations and 10 different herbs – the unique characteristics of Absinthe Vivide.

This German absinthe is produced by Jan Hartmann together with 3 of his friends near Aachen. The name of their company Aixsinthe is derived from the word absinthe and the French name of the city of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle).

In summer 2015 the 4 friends decided to produce an absinthe together. It took 1 year of development and 104 test distillations until they were satisfied with the result and the taste of their absinthe. 104 distillations may sound like a lot. And it is! Jan Hartmann has been described as an absinthe perfectionist, something absinthe drinkers like you and I can be grateful for – read on to see why.

Absinthe Vivide is based on different French recipes from the 1860s and 1870s from which Hartmann derived his inspiration. The name Vivide was chosen according to the description of herbs used for absinthe production in Ernest Tisserand’s 1922 Elogy to the very precious liqueur of absinthe.

There it is written: “There are no sweeter names for plants than the ones that are used for the distillation of this pleasant liqueur. And I don't know any other plants that are prouder or more vivid.”

Absinthe Vivide is made with a wine alcohol base and 10 different herbs. Among these herbs are wormwood, anise, fennel, coriander, angelica and a few others that remain a secret of the distillery. The whole production process is done by hand: the selection of herbs, the distillation, the bottling and the labeling of the bottles.

Only 100 bottles available. The next batch will be available in about 5 months.

Absinthe Vivide is also available in a 10cl bottle and as a barrel aged version.

Tasting notes from Marc Thuillier

Color: green-gold. Not heavily colored, just as I like!

Aroma before water: lovely, clean, with an upfront inviting wine alcohol base.

Louche: not too milky nor too translucent, very decent overall.

Aroma after water: almost the same as before adding water, the wine alcohol base develops nicely though. This stuff sounds promising, let's have a sip!

Taste: Extremely good and well balanced. Fruity/flowery/herbal flavors all mix together in a very pleasant way, delighting our palate at the same time.

Conclusion: Man this stuff is delicious! Vivide is without a single doubt the best absinthe produced in Germany.
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    Suthau, Hartmann, Mertens, Gessele GbR, Stadionstraße 22, 52249 Eschweiler, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By tphazard

Added on the : 19/05/2020 English

I drink my absinthe by the shot with equal parts ice in a large wine glass and never add sugar. As the ice melts and the louche forms, I sniff the vapors and get intoxicated by the smells; this makes it two drinks in one. This absinthe was heavy on the vapors with lots of smells, very intoxicating, but required more ice to get a louche to form. Without the additional ice, the liquid was on the harsh side, but still enjoyable. I have been enjoying this absinthe and would definitely put it on my list to buy again.

By Martin

Added on the : 17/12/2018 English

Very bitter unless adequately watered. When sufficiently diluted (at least two parts water to one part absinthe), a fine typical verte.

By Walt

Added on the : 29/05/2017 English

I bought the small bottle version, just to taste this absinthe made in the place (near Aaachen) where I was born. Really a delicate and elegant taste, though the louche is a bit weak for my actual verte de fougerolles (my favorite) tastes. Anyway a precious and good absinthe I'll buy again in the future.

By R

Added on the : 05/04/2017 English

Shows great promise - excellent base - but louche is very, very thin. Remedy with a slow drip.

By Steven

Added on the : 13/01/2017 English

This Absinthe is great! Vivide is a 'must try' and I will absolutely keep it stocked at all times.

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