Absinthe Vivide - 2nd edition - 10cl

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Rated by some as the best German absinthe, and made in tiny quantities.    Read the whole description

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Absinthe Vivide is made by four friends in the German city of Aachen, former home to first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, and a stone's throw from Belgium and the Netherlands.

This absinthe has been praised by absinthe expert Marc Thuillier, being described as the best German absinthe available today.

During the development of Vivide, the team made 104 trial distillations before they were 100% happy with the result. That’s 0.962% per distillation. You have to credit them with having a lot of patience!

Each batch is hand made in small quantities, using wine spirit and 10 different herbs. The recipe was inspired by French absinthe recipes from the 1860s and 70s.

Find this absinthe in full half-litre bottles here, and read Marc Thuillier’s tasting notes.

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