AbsinthExplore Set – "Les Blanches" Clear Absinthe Selection

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Discover the variety of clear absinthe with this AbsinthExplore set.

You'll get a 50ml bottle of each of the following absinthes:
- Vit Opal from the Swedish distillery Svensk Absint
- L‘Originale produced by Philippe Martin in Switzerland
- Le Chat from Willy Bovet in Switzerland

The set comes complete with a Boheme absinthe spoon and 3 packs of sugar cubes.
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  • 1 absinthe Vit Opal - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe L‘Originale - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe Le Chat - 50ml
  • 1 spoon Boheme

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Description of the products

Vit Opal is the little sister of Grön Opal. It is made with wild wormwood by the Svensk Absint distillery in Sweden.

Read the complete product description of the 50cl bottle here.
Absinthe L‘Originale is a complex and elegant clear absinthe that is produced by Philippe Martin in Boveresse.

Discover the 1L bottle here.
The Swiss Absinthe Le Chat is produced by Willy Bovet in Môtiers. A classic among the Swiss clear absinthes!

This absinthe is also available in a 1L bottle.
The Bohème absinthe spoon fits snugly onto every average sized absinthe glass, and will be an eye catcher during the classic French ritual, but also the fire ritual.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : 85 mm
  • Head : 80 mm

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