Accessory Velvet Box - Absinthe Spoon Carry Case - black

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Absinthe spoon not included: photograph for illustration purposes only.

This hardcover box is especially designed for carrying around an absinthe spoon and protecting it from bumps or scratches.

Some antique absinthe spoons are worth more than many diamond rings, and so a velvet box for absinthe spoons makes perfect sense.

With two elastic loops inside, the spoon remains securely attached and protected.

Perfect for carrying around a vintage or modern spoon, and of course, ideal as a gift along with an absinthe spoon inside.

Almost all of our Absinthe spoons fit in the box, except for the following ones: Henriod, Fenêtre, Pernod Fils, Skull, Grille Gothic-Rose and Snowflake.
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  • Height
    20 cm
  • Material
    Metal / Velvet
  • Interior diameter
    5 cm
  • Exterior diameter
    9 cm

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