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A 10 year old single cask small batch blended rum from Jamaica.

This single cask rum consists of rums from some of the best distilleries of Jamaica: Monymusk, Longpond, New Yarmouth and a secret distillery. The rums from the different distilleries has been aged for 10 years together in one single cask.Compagnie des Indes Jama ...

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An "overproof" mezcal with 52% abv. Made exclusively from hearts of the Espadín...

An "overproof" mezcal with 52% abv. Made exclusively from hearts of the Espadín Agave, produced in the distillery of Amantes de lo Ajeno, Mexico. In the state of Oaxaca, which is considered the birthplace of Mezcal, there are numerous producers of this smoky agave-bas ...

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A mellow clear tequila that has been aged for 6-12 months.

Villa Lobos Tequila Blanco is aged in steel tanks for six to twelve months. The natural oxidation in the tanks gives a mellow touch to the spirit. The tequila has a sweet aroma of agave, citrus fruits, mint and some floral as well as smoky notes. The taste i ...

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Villa Lobos Tequila Reposado, aged for 11 months in oak barrels.

After aging for six months in steel tanks, Villa Loboso Tequila Reposado is finished for another eleven months in American oak barrels. It has an aroma of white wine with pleasant notes of mint, apple and peach. The taste is characterized by agav ...

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