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A 10 year old single cask small batch blended rum from Jamaica.

This single cask rum consists of rums from some of the best distilleries of Jamaica: Monymusk, Longpond, New Yarmouth and a secret distillery. The rums from the different distilleries has been aged for 10 years together in one single cask.Compagnie des Indes Jama ...

 $150/Liter  $105
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Compagnie des Indes Australia is an 11 year old single cask rum from down under.

This Compagnie des Indes Rum is produced in a country that you wouldn’t immediately associate with rum production: Australia. It was distilled in August 2007 and bottled in April 2019.This single cask rum is made from molas ...

 $128/Liter  $89.50
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