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An organic green absinthe with a refreshing taste.

Absinthe La Verte is produced by the Bourgeois distillery in traditional ways. The small distillery is located in the family home in Arçon, France. The couple cultivates almost all of the plants (except for the green anise) in their own garden with special ...

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Absinthe Jade VS 1898 - 20cl

France / 65%
(35 Reviews)

A replica of the historical C.F. Berger absinthe. For connoisseurs !

Achieved by Ted Breaux! The Jade V.S. 1898 absinthe, a replica of the historical C.F. Berger, is an absinthe for connoisseurs. The distillery ...

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Absinthe Un Peureux - 50cl

France / 48%
(3 Reviews)

A traditionally made absinthe, ideal for beginners. Pastis-like.

A great absinthe for beginners, and thoser who like their absinthe mild. This is a good quality absinthe with pastis-like qualities.Un Peureux has been made by the Grande Distilleries Peureux on the occasion of their 150th company anniversary, an ...

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The most traditional absinthe produced in Neuzeller distillery.

Neuzeller Viridis Auxilum is the most classic absinthe made at the Neuzeller Distillery. It reveals herbal flavours and a very light bitterness. It's naturally coloured with plants such as Melissa, Hyssop and Petit Wormwood. ...

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Absinthe experts as well as beginners will be thrilled by this natural absinthe...

The absinthe Le Coq Vert is produced by the Bourbonnaise distillery and it has an alcohol content of 65%. Its color is green and a little bit amber colored too. This Verte is based on a modern recipe, containing a lot of herbs that can also ...

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The first green absinthe from the organic distillery Aymonier.

La Faucille absinthe is the first green absinthe from Aymonier.The light green colour is completely natural and is obtained by macerating more herbs in the newly-distilled absinthe.This absinthe has an intense wormwood note, along with a very fresh fe ...

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