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Anise Guy Pontarlier Anis Ponsec - 1L

France / 45%
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A popular anise aperitif made at the Guy distillery in Pontarlier.

The popular Pontarlier Anis made at the Guy distillery in France will mesmerize you with its light and fresh taste. Made in alembics that are more than 100 years old, this anise aperitif has gained a reputation among absinthe lovers. Pontarlier Anis received ...

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A savourous pastis from the Provence characterized by its finesse and its authen...

This pastis is inherited from a long tradition dating back to the 1920s and is the result of the meticulous work and the know-how of the Janot distillery. The slow maceration of the plants and the liquorice as well as the fifteen other plants us ...

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