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Traditional alpine genepi liqueur. From rocky outcrop to bottle.

Genepi is a herbal liqueur beloved of the people in the French Alps. This genepi liqueur is made by the Devoille distillery in Fougerolles, a distillery with a rich heritage and profound knowledge of liqueur-making going back around 150 years. The main ...

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A refreshing and creamy pastis from the Lemercier distillery.

This pastis, from the Lemercier distillery in Fougerolles, France, is unbelievably creamy and delicious. The 1811 tastes uniquely fresh and soft, and above all, not too sweet, in contrast to many brands of pastis.The name 1811 comes from the year the Lemercier fa ...

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A fruity Williams pear liqueur from the Paul Devoille distillery.

Fully ripe Williams pears are used to make this sweet and aromatic liqueur. This particularly fruity liqueur is made by the Devoille distillery in Fougerolles. Williams pears from the Rhone valley in France are used exclusively. The Devoille distillery ...

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Gentianette, a delicious gentian liqueur from Franche Comté in the East of Franc...

In the Jura mountains, the tradition of the Marcel Michel Distillery continues. The only gentian distillery in Franche Comté. Gentian is a plant with yellow flowers that grows all over the mountainsides in the area. The freshly cut and cleaned roots are double distilled ...

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A refined fir liqueur.

A refined fir liqueur. The Sapin liqueur is an Art, it follows a very strict protocol in 2 complex steps: 1. A meticulous distillation of rigorously selected plants. 2. A fir buds and sugar ma ...

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A sweet and aromatic Mirabelle liqueur, made at the Paul Devoille distillery, Fr...

The taste and aroma of ripe Mirabelle plums is quite simply delicious. These delicate pale yellow fruits lend their sweet flavour to this top quality liqueur. Only carefully chosen fruit is used to make the liqueur, which is made according to the Devoille distillery’s ...

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A classic anise aperitif dating from the early 1970s and from the famous Pernod...

Discover the taste of an authentic anise aperitif, as produced by Pernod Fils in France and also at their other distillery in Tarragona in Spain, same same distillery in which the production of absinthe, long since banned in France, continued unabated. This is a ...

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Discover a classic anise, made with French skills and great precision.

The Aqualanca anise is produced by the “Liquoristerie de Provence.” This is located in the heart of the Pays D´aix – a French association of municipalities in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône – and manufactures different spirits ...

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