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  • Production Method : Double Distillation

An aromatic raspberry eau-de-vie from Alsace. Made only from the heart of the di...

The Coeur de Chauffe Wild Raspberry Brandy is produced by the french distillery Miclo, that is specialized in the production of high quality fruit brandies since 1962.Freshly harvested wild raspberries are macerated in neutral br ...

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An aromatic mirabelle brandy, made from the heart of the distillate.

The French distillery Miclo only uses mirabelle plums from Alsace, in France, to produce this eau-de-vie. These fruits are fermented and then distilled. During this double-distillation process, the heart is precisely separated from the head and the tail.

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An exceptional Williams pear brandy, made from the heart of the distillate only.

This aromatic and high quality Williams pear Eau-de-vie has been bottled after an aging period of 4 years. The Coeur de Chauffe Williams Pear Brandy is produced by the Miclo distillery in Alsace, France. They on ...

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