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Finnish rye spirit – essentially whiskey before aging. Wonderful intense rye fla...

Juuri Rye is a clear, unaged spirit, essentially whiskey that hasn't been in a barrel yet, or moonshine. Made with 100 % rye malt, the Finnish Kyrö Distillery has put this spirit on the market to give us a taste what t ...

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Heart Cut. Unfiltered. 100% Rye.

Single Barrel Rye Whiskey by the KOVAL distillery, the city of Chicago's first craft distillery since the prohibition! Far from a typical rye whiskey: Although it is made from 100% rye, this whiskey is fresh and light, with a slight flavour of m ...

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The first whiskey to be made out of millet, a grain usually associated with Afri...

The Single Barrel Millet Whiskey by the KOVAL distillery ages in oak barrels from Minnesota. The millet that is used in this whiskey is a very ancient cereal, gluten-free and highly valued in Africa and Asia. It is also a popular base for spirit ...

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Verso Rye Spirit. Aged 4 months: on the way to becoming whiskey.

The Verso Single Malt Rye Spirit is made of 100 % rye malt, and aged for at least 4 months in new American white oak barrels. The distillery uses small barrels, which they claim means the whisky ages without losing its spicy character. Rye is a f ...

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