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This aquavit is a small-batch, handmade product from Sweden.

Aquavit is a classic caraway brandy and is one of the most popular distilled drinks in Scandinavia. This particular brand, "Överste Brännvin" (engl.: Colonel Brandy) was created by count and colonel Hugo Jacob Hamilton in the early 1880‘s. He ...

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An aromatic raspberry eau-de-vie from Alsace. Made only from the heart of the di...

The Coeur de Chauffe Wild Raspberry Brandy is produced by the french distillery Miclo, that is specialized in the production of high quality fruit brandies since 1962.Freshly harvested wild raspberries are macerated in neutral br ...

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An aromatic mirabelle brandy, made from the heart of the distillate.

The French distillery Miclo only uses mirabelle plums from Alsace, in France, to produce this eau-de-vie. These fruits are fermented and then distilled. During this double-distillation process, the heart is precisely separated from the head and the tail.

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Zufanek - Slivovitz barrel aged - 50cl

Czech Republic / 45%
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A barrel aged Slivovitz made by Zufanek - unique, aromatic, a delight!

Slivovitz is a Brandy made from plums. Only small quantites of this delicious Brandy are made at the Zufanek distillery each year. The distillers use only ripe plums to guarantee the signature taste of a typical, civic Slivovitz.

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Eau-de-Vie Le Coeur de Jade - 70cl

France / 42%
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Coeur de Jade is a French eau-de-vie, from the Jade Liqueurs stable. Perfect for...

Developed by T.A. Breaux, a professional scientist and absinthe specialist, Coeur de Jade forms the "heart" of classical absinthe and liqueurs distilled by Jade Liqueurs and the Combier Distillery: Esprit Edouard, Jade 1901, Perique tobacco liqueur, and all ...

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Zufanek - Hruskovica barrel aged - 50cl

Czech Republic / 40%
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A barrel aged Hruskovica made by Zufanek - discover the spirit of Williams pears...

A smooth and soft Brandy made from Williams pears, and aged in an oak barrel. The diverse aroma and taste typical for this type of pears add a long-lasting, intense and lovely taste to this distillate. The distillers at the Zufanek distillery fo ...

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A traditional Kirsch from the French capital of eau de vie: Fougerolles.

In France, Fougerolles is known as the capital of kirsch, and with good reason: they simply make outstandingly good cherry eau de vie. Devoille’s kirsch is made according to traditional methods, passed down from one generation to the next. ...

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Zufanek - Cucumber Spirit 42% - 50cl

Czech Republic / 42%
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A refreshing cucumber spirit from Czech Republic, made with cucumbers.

The cucumber spirit from Martin Zufanek is made with cucumbers that are cultivated close to his distillery.When you open a bottle, your nose immediately picks up the scent of fresh cucumbers. They are equally present in the taste.The ...

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A tangerine spirit that is made from the best tangerines from Sicily.

They are cultivated by the same family who also grows the lemons for Martin’s lemon spirit.The tangerines grow on volcanic soil at the foot of Mount Etna. They have been harvested on ...

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A caraway spirit made by Martin Zufanek from what he says is the best caraway in...

This caraway spirit, or geist, has the full aroma of the best caraway and is without sugar or other additives.This geist is Martin’s version of Czech caraway liqueur. This liqueur is made in Czech Republic by a cold maceration of caraway in ...

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An exceptional Williams pear brandy, made from the heart of the distillate only.

This aromatic and high quality Williams pear Eau-de-vie has been bottled after an aging period of 4 years. The Coeur de Chauffe Williams Pear Brandy is produced by the Miclo distillery in Alsace, France. They on ...

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