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The Artémisia-Bugnon set offers two sublime absinthes from this highly re...

The Artémisia-Bugnon set offers two sublime absinthes from this highly respected Swiss distillery. The distillery, headed by Claude-Alain Bugnon has made a gained an impressive reputation in just a short space of time, opening in 2005. Of ...

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Two Swedish absinthes with an intense wormwood taste.

With this set you get both absinthes from the Svensk Absint distillery from Sweden.Grön Opal and Vit Opal are made with wild-foraged grand wormwood and they rested for at least three months in barrels before bottling.< ...

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Get yourself the whole La Maison Fontaine family!

A set of the three masterpieces of the La Maison Fontaine range. Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte La Maison Fontaine Verte is masterfully refined using an array of natural herbs including the world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande ...

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This gift set features a bottle of Absinthe Libertine 72 Intense, as well as a C...

A gift set that is perfect for people who want to taste Absinthe for the first time. Libertine 72 Intense was awarded the gold medal at the international competition in Lyon in 2019. With this set you get an Absinthe Libertine ...

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The gift set features an Absinthe Libertine 55 Originale and an Absinthe Spoon,...

With this set you can enjoy a Absinthe Libertine 55 Originale. The set is completed with a traditional absinthe spoon, allowing you to prepare absinthe according to the classic absinthe ritual – pour a measure of absinthe in a glass, r ...

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A Swedish absinthe that comes together with a Spanish glass and dripper.

This set consists of one bottle of the Grön Opal absinthe from Sweden and a Tarragona glass with the matching dripper.Grön Opal is produced by the Svensk Absint distillery and is characterized by its intense Swedish wormwood. This absinthe i ...

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Gift set including three absinthes from France.

In this lovely box, you find three delicious absinthes made by the Bourgeois distillery in France: La Fine, La Blanche and La Verte.

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