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Tasty pastis marying tradition and organic farming.

This pastis is inherited from a long tradition dating back to the 1920s and is the result of the meticulous work and the know-how of the Janot distillery. Is is obtained from a selection of wild organic plants and spices, all very carefully sele ...

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The Calabrian herbal liqueur Amaro del Capo is now available in a unique edition...

The Caffo distillery celebrates its 100th anniversary (1915-2015) with this special edition of Amaro del Capo.Amaro del Centenario 1972 is based on Amaro del Capo, one of the mos ...

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A smooth and fruity cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

This VSOP is a 5 years old cognac elaborated by Fanny Fougerat. Her vineyards are located in the Borderies and Fins Bois areas.Its aroma is delicate and fruity, with citrusy notes. In mouth, the same delicateness can be found, completed by a ligh ...

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Verso Rye Spirit. Aged 4 months: on the way to becoming whiskey.

The Verso Single Malt Rye Spirit is made of 100 % rye malt, and aged for at least 4 months in new American white oak barrels. The distillery uses small barrels, which they claim means the whisky ages without losing its spicy character. Rye is a f ...

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A fold-able, waterproof travel absinthe cup for your camping trip!

This handy absinthe mug is made of stainless steel and will make sure you never have to go out hiking or camping without being able to enjoy a glass of absinthe. Time to leave fragile and big absinthe glasses at home!

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Maidli Gin Blend 2 is produced in the Wuchner distillery in Heuweiler, a village...

Maidli Gin Blend 2 is produced in the Wuchner distillery in Heuweiler, a village in the south of Germany.The woman ("maidli") on the label shows the original regional traditional costume, which stands for the emergence of the long distilling tradition in thi ...

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