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11th of December

The first clear absinthe from Martin Zufanek. Get a 5cl sample of Absinthe Amave for free with the following code:

(2 Reviews)

A genuine blanche absinthe, excellent as a 'session' absinthe, or as a first tas...

In our opinion, Martin Zufanek is the producer of the finest Czech absinthe. Absinthe Amave just confirms the fact. In hindsight, the absence of a blanche from Zufanek's range is surprising. What with all the other experimentation and collaborations going on, re ...

 $72/Liter  $36
In stock

(2 Reviews)

AbsinthExplore Amave - 50ml

Czech Republic / 53%

Absinthe Amave takes its inspiration from classic Swiss La Bleue.

The first clear absinthe from the Zufanek distillery in Czech Republic. Amave has a slightly sweet taste and is rounded off by a fruity note.Read the complete description here.

 $150/Liter  $7.50
In stock