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Savory celery flavors, as you might expect from the name. A wonderful addition t...

The celery vegetable also finds its way into bars thanks to Scrappy. Celery bitters have become a staple palate entertainer from bitters producers. Celery alone, besides a few other herbs and spices, finds its way into this complex palate experience. The s ...

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Lightly sweet, spicy and smoky.

These Memphis Barbecue Bitters also bring about a hot tongue, so we recommend that you dose with care. Lightly sweet, spicy and smoky are the characteristics that this bitter would bring perfectly to match a sweet bourbon, for example. If you're looking fo ...

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Adds another dimension to cocktails with a complex savory character. Works just...

Celery bitters are fundamentally very special products.In total contrast to Angostura, celery bitters are no universally usable spice it would certainly ruin a number of concoctions. But used with caution for example in Bloody Marys, aquavit, gin, ...

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