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Made across Europe, this is absinthe that is still made using traditional and century old distilling methods, even today.

A thorough selection of natural, high quality herbs, combined with the unique expertise and skills of individual distillers promise a delicious result.
The absinthe you can find here is in no way a mass produced product: rather, made in small-batches according to historic methods in family-owned distilleries.

Simply said, it is something special: real absinthe. The absinthe in this category is all 100% natural and what you call a genuine, classic, authentic absinthe.
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Absinthe Corvus - 50cl

Germany / 65%
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A traditionally distilled German absinthe with striking modern design. Notes of...

Corvus is the Latin name of the crow and raven family, highly intelligent birds who have evolved beautiful matt black feathers and elegant streamlined forms. The makers of Corvus drew their inspiration from these striking creatures when creating their design ...

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A mellow clear absinthe that got a silver medal at the Absinthiades 2017.

Absinthe de Pontarlier is produced at a small distillery in France, founded in 2015 by the two friends Jérôme Champreux and Stéphane Marguet.This absinthe is a mellow and refreshing blanche with a wonderfully balanced taste.

 $93.50/Liter  $65.50
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A complex verte, produced by a small distillery in France.

Absinthe de Pontarlier La Fée Verte is produced by the Marguet-Champreux distillery in Dompierre-les-Tilleuls in France. This small distillery was founded in 2015 by the two friends Jérôme Champreux and Stéphane Marguet.

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