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All Real Absinthe

Made across Europe, this is absinthe that is still made using traditional and century old distilling methods, even today.

A thorough selection of natural, high quality herbs, combined with the unique expertise and skills of individual distillers promise a delicious result.
The absinthe you can find here is in no way a mass produced product: rather, made in small-batches according to historic methods in family-owned distilleries.

Simply said, it is something special: real absinthe. The absinthe in this category is all 100% natural and what you call a genuine, classic, authentic absinthe.
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Absinthe La Valote Martin l'Originale - 50cl

Switzerland / 72%
(18 Reviews)

This absinthe reveals sweetness and very herbaceous flavours. A very elegant “Bl...

La Valote Martin l'Originale reveals sweetness and very herbaceous flavours. A very elegant “Bleue”. After La Valote Martin, Mr Martin offers a very interesting version of this absinthe with a higher level of alcohol. It is dis ...

 $107/Liter  $53.50
In stock

Well rounded, a classic La Bleue.

Fée Verte du Val de Travers is distilled by Francis Martin at the La Valote Distillery in the village of Môtiers in the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe. Francis Martin lives to spread the word about the green fairy and pr ...

 $91/Liter  $45.50
In stock

In the La Bleue style, with a higher alcohol level. Sweet and subtly bitter.

La Grenouillarde is a tribute to the birthplace of absinthe. Not just the Val-de-Travers area but the specific village of Boveresse. In fact, the wormwood used in La Grenouillarde has come from Boveresse. This precious herb has come from the gar ...

 $100/Liter  $50
In stock
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