Armagnac Goudoulin - Bas Armagnac Hors d'Age/XO - 70cl

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This Armagnac from the Bas-Armagnac region has an amber color typical of most brandies, but is unusually bright and with some clear green tones.

The first experience on the nose is of stewed prunes, enhanced by vanilla and cinnamon. The attack on the palate is frank and refreshing, with very light wooden tones. Prunes and rancio tones enhance the finish.

It has received a note of 90/100 by Gilbert & Gaillard in 2011 and was quoted in "The Spirit of Armagnac," Frederic Lebel, 2010 Edition.

Armagnac Hors d’age was awarded the silver medal at the ISWC 2013 in London and at the ISW in Germany in 2012.
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    1,25 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    40% vol
  • Color :
    Amber Brown
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  • Description :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Armagnac Veuve Goudoulin, Le Clos du Presbytère, 32330 Courrensan, FR
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Mouchan (Gers)
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Armagnac - J. Goudoulin

The History of the Goudoulin Distillery

Madame Jeanne Ménal Goudoulin joined forces with the wine producer Domaine de Bigor in Courrensan early on, as a young lady, when she married Joseph in the year 1908. The family of her husband had already been aging a remarkable collection of Armagnacs for generations.

Joseph unfortunately suffered severe injuries during the 1stWorld War, and succumbed to them in 1925. That's why Jeanne had to continue to deal with the skills of the house alone. In 1935, she began to deal with the ever-developing collection of Armagnacs in her possession, which is how the business Armagnac J. Goudoulin came into existence, which she supervised until 1964. Then nephew Christian Faure took over the reins, after he served as apprentice to his grandmother for a few years. Jeanne Goudoulin eventually withdrew from her public role and died in 1994, at over 100 year old.

The Goudoulin Distillery today

Christian Faure developed the company quite successfully and established the brand Armagnac J. Goudoulin as a world-wide high-class recognizable product. Then, in 2009, he sold the company to Michel Miclo from the Alsatian family distillery G. Miclo. Miclo's proclaimed goals are to continue to develop the reputation of Armagnac J. Goudoulin and also to preserve the recognizable quality and the traditional character of the product line. The vintage products leave the strongest impression, of which a few were even distilled during Jeanne Goudoulin's childhood years.

The Armagnac of the Goudoulin house is bottled by hand, and only after customer demand are the bottles sealed and also occasionally labeled according to the customer's wishes.

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