Armagnac is named after a shire in Gascony, and is France's oldest brandy. In 2010, this spirit celebrated its 700th anniversary. Armagnac has a long tradition and already because of this, it must be an essential part of our range of spirits in our shop in our digestifs section. Armagnac is quite similar to cognac, but has a slightly more bitter bouquet and taste.
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This grand blend already shows signs of ageing with its soft spices and aroma...

This grand blend begins to show the aromas of ageing after 10 years of staying in contact with the oak. The fruit that is still present is accompanied by initial aromas of soft spices such as liquorice and cinnamon.Still quite fresh and fiery, this Armagnac blend w ...

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Maturity begins at age 30. A magnificent and mature Armagnac blend.

The fresh fruit in this Armagnac blend is transformed into dried and candied fruit, and the spicy character asserts itself more and more. The first aromas of “rancio” appear and the alcohol is perfectly mellow. The fire of youth softens and relents.This ...

 $152/Liter  $106.50
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This grand Armagnac blend has reached the age of reasons.After 50 year...

50 years – the Age of Reason.Based on the clarity, freshness, and balance of Armagnacs of this age, it is sometimes time to stop the barrel ageing process. However, the use of barrels that have already exhausted their tannins over many years can still be useful t ...

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This 60 year-old Armagnac Blend is simply eternal.

It is rare to find such an Armagnac of this age that continues to express such character after so many years. This heavenly Armagnac blend is the result of a long and delicate selection process that preserves only those Armagnacs that have travelled throug ...

 $1,023.50/Liter  $716.50
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Delicate and elegant aged Armagnac with flavours of rancio and notes of prune...

This 1924 vintage brandy has been aged in wooden casks to become today a luxury product that can qualify as a collector's item.Its mahogany colour has brownish-red reflections. It has a developed and elegant spicy aroma composed of cinnamon and saffron notes and a ...

 $1,482/Liter  $1,037.50
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