Aymonier Set - 6 Absinthe from Aymonier - 4L

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With this set, you'll get 6 organic absinthes, produced at the Aymonier distillery in France.

  • 1 absinthe Faucille - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Loulette - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Suavecita - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Perchée - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Sans Frontières - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Rebelle - 50cl
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Description of the products

La Faucille absinthe is the first green absinthe from Aymonier.

The light green colour is completely natural and is obtained by macerating more herbs in the newly-distilled absinthe.

This absinthe has an intense wormwood note, along with a very fresh feeling and pleasant length to the finish. Compared to the other absinthe from Aymonier, La Faucille has a more herbal aspect to it.

All the absinthe made by Mayra and Francois Aymonier at their distillery are of a very high quality, due to the herbs being home grown and of the finest grade. The wormwood in particular benefits from the high altitude at which it is grown. 1100 metres above sea level!

We recommend serving La Faucille Absinthe with three to four parts chilled water.

Read Stefanie's tasting notes at our blog.
For La Loulette, the Aymonier distillery have used wormwood grown at 1100 metres above sea-level, grown by the distillery’s owners themselves.

Loulette is a light and very aromatic absinthe, which is rounded off by a sweet fennel note. As with all the absinthe from this distillery, the wormwood note is relatively strong. An ideal summer absinthe!

Bottled at 55%, this is the mildest of Aymonier’s absinthes.

This absinthe was awarded the bronze medal in the category of clear absinthes at the Absinthiades 2019.

The distillery is located on an organic farm, where all the herbs used in this absinthe, apart from the anise, come from. The farm was founded just a few years ago (writing in 2017) by Mayra and Francois Aymonier.
Absinthe Suavecita is produced at the Aymonier's family farm and home, at an altitude of 1100m. They use their home grown wormwood that gives all organic absinthes from Aymonier their unmistakable aroma.

Bottled at 55%, this is a mellow and very round absinthe. It has the strongest anise flavour of all the absinthes from Aymonier. The strong Aymonier wormwood note is clearly recognizable in the aroma. Its aromatic notes combine perfectly with the smoothness of anise.

We recommend serving this absinthe with 3 parts chilled water.
La Perchée is made by the Aymonier Distillery in France, just 10 km away from Pontarlier, a town of historically monumental importance when it comes to absinthe. The name Perchée means perched, referring to the fact that the herbs used to make this absinthe are grown at a relatively high altitude - 1100m above sea level.

La Perchée is an absinthe with a prominent wormwood note, a ‘wormwood bomb’. The anise is rather restrained and the overall effect is more floral than the other absinthe from this distillery.

The wormood and all the other herbs apart from the anise are grown by the distillery’s owners Mayra and Francois Aymonier. The Aymonier Distillery (also known as La Semilla) is certified organic and is situated in a little village called Les Fourgs.

We recommend serving La Perchée Absinthe with three to four parts chilled water.

Read our tasting notes in our blog article.
Sans Frontières, is made following a recipe from the 1890s. The Aymonier distillery uses almost only herbs grown on their own farm, at an altitude of 1100m. Sans Frontières means ‘without borders’, which may be a joke referring to the distillery’s proximity to the Swiss border.

Sans Frontières is balanced in terms in taste, although the wormwood is relatively strong, as is true of all the absinthe made by the Aymonier Distillery. Sans Frontières is the first organic absinthe to have been made in the Pontarlier area.

At the 2016 Absinthiades competition, Sans Frontières won the Bronze medal.

We recommend serving Sans Frontières Absinthe with three to four parts chilled water.
The organic absinthe Rebelle is made by the Aymonier distillery in France. It is based on Marc du Jura, an artisanal pomace brandy* made from Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes from Domaine de Cavarodes. This local wine alcohol base makes this absinthe something very special.

It has a fruity taste with a dominant note of grapes that is rounded off by hints of vanilla. This harmonizes perfectly with the characteristic wormwood that is used in all absinthes from the Aymonier distillery.

Rebelle is not a traditional absinthe, but rather a real rebel, as the name already suggests. 

*Think of a high end, artisanally produced grappa.

Read Marc Tuillier's tasting notes at our blog.

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  • Products :
    1 absinthe Faucille - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Loulette - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Suavecita - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Perchée - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Sans Frontières - 70cl
  • 1 absinthe Rebelle - 50cl
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    6,016 kg
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    Distillerie Aymonier, La Semilla, 80 Grande Rue, 25300 Les Fourgs, FR
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Aymonier, France

The Aymonier distillery is perched at an altitude of 1100 in the small village of Les Fourgs, 10 kilometers from Pontarlier, once the world’s most important town for absinthe distilling. The surrounding area was full of small farms like this one, producing high quality wormwood and herbs destined for use in absinthe.

The couple Mayra and Francois Aymonier make their four different organic absinthes using a very small still. This is a true micro-distillery.

The Aymoniers use traditional recipes combined with local absinthe-making knowledge to make the highest possible quality absinthe. This is also thanks to the grand wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm and artemisia pontica that they grow themselves, all without the use of pesticides or chemical fertiliser. Only the anise is grown elsewhere. Quite simply, the climate is too harsh in the region for this plant. Wormwood, however, thrives.

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