Bitter End

The creator and owner of The Bitter End, Bill York, worked in a bar in Santa Fe when the urge hit him to begin experimenting with precious cocktail spices.

As a barkeeper and with a Master's degree in molecular biology, Bill brought his love for unique and exquisite cocktails together with his research skills.
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Adds notes of curry and hot spice to cocktails.

The Curry Bitters should also come with an expectation for heat, but in comparison with the Chesapeake Bay Bitters the spiciness here is weaker and tastes distinctly like Indian Curry.This exotic bitter definitely harmonizes well with coconut milk or coconut rum.

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Typical notes from Moroccan cuisine. Sweet, spicy, vegetal and nutty.

This bitter from the producer The Bitter End comes very close to the flavor profile of the Moroccan kitchen. Finely balanced, the various flavor tones are easy to recognize.At first, this bitter tastes sweet and spicy, but later develops a vegetable and nutty palat ...

 $500/Liter  $30
In stock
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