Bittermens Bitters are produced in Louisiana using traditional hand-crafted methods. That means that the mixture of high alcohol-percentage macerate is mixed with carefully chosen plant material to produce the resulting bitters. This raw material carries in most cases a Bio seal of approval, or is simply gathered from the wild. Bittermens Bitters are also not sweetened by any pre-processed ingredients or colored with artificial colorings. Special mention should be given to the pipette-style bottle-top which makes for easy usage. Similar to Bob’s Bitters this special bottle-top significantly eases dosage.
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  • Alcohol Content : 50% to 70%
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Multidimensional bitterness through the combination of hops and grapefruit. A ne...

These hopped grapefruit bitters have an herbal citrus-fruit aroma, in which the characteristics of the hops and the grapefruit mesh and mingle beautifully.There aren't so many recipes developed yet which call for the usage of this cocktail bitter. What can you thin ...

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Chocolate aromas dominate, along with hints of cinnamon. Works well in countless...

Chocolate aromas dominate Xocolatl Mole bitters, but cinnamon and other herbs also occupy their own space in the aroma just as the essence of Mexican mole sauce is to mix flavors while allowing each one its own independence on the palate.The original idea was to co ...

 $190/Liter  $28.50
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