Bittermens Bitters are produced in Louisiana using traditional hand-crafted methods. That means that the mixture of high alcohol-percentage macerate is mixed with carefully chosen plant material to produce the resulting bitters. This raw material carries in most cases a Bio seal of approval, or is simply gathered from the wild. Bittermens Bitters are also not sweetened by any pre-processed ingredients or colored with artificial colorings. Special mention should be given to the pipette-style bottle-top which makes for easy usage. Similar to Bob’s Bitters this special bottle-top significantly eases dosage.
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Particularly suited to tiki drinks, dark spirits, and also goes very well in war...

If Elemakule Tiki were a spirit, it would be a Falernum a classic rum based herbal spirit common in the south seas.But Elemakule Tiki is actually a cocktail bitter, and conceived especially for tiki drinks. In general, it mixes excellently with dark spirits, but al ...

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