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It is clearly not by chance that Angostura's aromatic bitters have achieved such worldwide prominence. For a bitter the taste is relatively sweet, with a fascinating harmony of aromas which is somewhat difficult to describe. In drinks and food dishes the tonic tempers sour flavor, stifles certain aromas and works as a natural flavor enhancer (see recipes with Angostura Aromatic Bitters).

During the course of the last two hundred years of Angostura's history, more and more chefs world-wide have discovered what brilliant possibilities are available when using Angostura bitters in the kitchen. These bitters have earned their reputable spot at the bar as well as on the spice shelf in the kitchen.

Besides using these bitters for pleasure there are still advocates for the medicinal effectiveness of Angostura aromatic bitters, one of the most prominent fans being American author Mark Twain. In January of 1874 he wrote his wife Olivia describing how impressed he was with the wonderful effects his daily consumption of cock-tails (so described by him) with Angostura aromatic bitters had on his digestion. He nursed himself steadily, since he drank a cocktail every day before breakfast, dinner, and right before going to bed.

Johann Siegert actually developed this tonic precisely with this health benefit in mind, to help assist the digestion of the soldiers from Simón Bolívars army. Curiously, some people even use bitters as appropriate medicine to rub on the skin in order to keep mosquitoes away. What would happen if the soldiers on the Orinoco river, known for its monster-sized bugs, knew about this option of using bitters?

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Angostura Bitters

In 1820, the German doctor Johann G. B. Siegert served in the military service of the famous liberation fighter Simón Bolívar in South America. In Angostura, today Ciudad Bolívar, Siegert developed the medicinal tonic "Amargo Aromatico" (spanish for aromatic bitters) in 1824. In the time since then, these bitters have enjoyed ever increasing popularity by, for example, the sailors who reached Angostura by the Orinoco River. Through this trade route, these bitters also enjoyed wider regional distribution.

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Thank-you for sharing that great History Lesson about Angostura Bitters, Very Interesting!

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