Bitters Angostura Orange Bitters - 10cl

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High quality Orange Bitters created by Angostura. A classic.   Read the whole description

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As well as the wonderful fruit aroma, Angostura orange bitters also exemplify a complex and spicy bouquet. For this reason they serve perfectly as an exotic and multi-dimensional ingredient for countless drinks and food dishes (see recipes with Angostura Orange Bitters): they mix perfectly with gin, whiskey, vodka and many different rum-based cocktails.

Otherwise, Angostura's orange bitters add finesse to hearty sauces and seafood dishes, and also harmonizes perfectly with chocolate.

Angostura Bitters

In 1820, the German doctor Johann G. B. Siegert served in the military service of the famous liberation fighter Simón Bolívar in South America. In Angostura, today Ciudad Bolívar, Siegert developed the medicinal tonic "Amargo Aromatico" (spanish for aromatic bitters) in 1824. In the time since then, these bitters have enjoyed ever increasing popularity by, for example, the sailors who reached Angostura by the Orinoco River. Through this trade route, these bitters also enjoyed wider regional distribution.

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