Bitters Bitter End - Chesapeake Bay Bitters - 6cl

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With its dramatic heat from black pepper and cayenne, this sets many a cocktail afire.   Read the whole description

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Both pepper types (black and cayenne pepper) are very lively on the palate, but a mild bay leave flavor also enters the mix which plays wonderfully with the other spices to create a complex aroma experience.

This bitter should be used very sparingly. Just a few drops are enough to put your cocktail on fire.

In fact, there are quite a few cocktails that have earned this spiciness. For example, these Chesapeake Bay Bitters work wonderfully in a Bloody Mary, or to heat up various fruity cocktails with a rum basis.

If you're looking for cocktail that use these Chesapeake Bay Bitters, visit our cocktail section.

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