Bitters Bitter End - Moroccan Bitters - 6cl

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This bitter from the producer The Bitter End comes very close to the flavor profile of the Moroccan kitchen. Finely balanced, the various flavor tones are easy to recognize.

At first, this bitter tastes sweet and spicy, but later develops a vegetable and nutty palate. Not only a Martini or a pisco sour would develop an additional complexity with a couple drops of this bitter, but a whole list of other cocktails would benefit from this cocktail spice as well.

If you are looking for cocktail that use Moroccan Bitters, check out our cocktail section.

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  • Capacity :
  • Shipping Weight :
    100,00 g
  • bitters_kind :
  • Brand :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    45% vol
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    LMDW, 8-10 Rue Gustave Eiffel, 92110 Clichy, FR
  • Usage :
    Add a few drops to a cocktail or mixed drink.
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    United States
  • Stopper :
  • Product Type :
    Cocktail Bitters

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