Bitters Scrappy's Bitters - Celery - 15cl

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Savory celery flavors, as you might expect from the name. A wonderful addition to the Bloody Mary.   Read the whole description

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The celery vegetable also finds its way into bars thanks to Scrappy.

Celery bitters have become a staple palate entertainer from bitters producers. Celery alone, besides a few other herbs and spices, finds its way into this complex palate experience.

The sleek 146ml bottle, with almost 50% alcohol, looks good on any bar.

Scrappy's Bitters

Miles Thomas is Scrappy, a nickname that requires no further explanation. But ever since June 2007, when he was shot during an assault in the Serafina, where he stood behind the bar, he's been avoiding scrappy behavior. Statements now and then, like how Scrappy's Bitters are the best in the world, remind Thomas of his earlier predilection for competition and fighting. Since the end of 2008 Scrappy has been producing cocktail bitters in Seattle, and his creations certainly deserve the label of being some of the best on the market.

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